Lightning Talks: bring yours!

Saturday evening after the last of the breakout sessions, we will meet for one closing round of lightning talks. And who's giving these lightning talks? You!

That is to say, all day long at the registration desk, you can sign up for a lightning talk slot. Slots are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Here are the rules:

  • Slots are FIVE MINUTES in length, period. You can stop talking early, but you can't go long. There is a timer. People will know.
  • You must have your presentation slides ready in PDF form before you begin. If you already have a talk with you, you can bring the slides to the registration desk when you sign up for a slot. If not, bring them to the session room as early as possible.
  • You yourself must be in the room five minutes before the beginning of the lightning talk session. We will line up in order at the front of the room, both to accelerate the process and to embarrass anyone who shows up late and has to find thir place in line while everyone in the room looks on.

Pretty simple, eh? Just one more issue: what should you talk about? The answer is this: anything you want your fellow Texas Linux Fest attendees to hear about!

Lightning talks: where the principal of audience participation is taken to its logical extreme. Hope to see you there!