GitHub Advanced Git Class

Many Git workshops successfully focus on the basics for those new to DVCS. However, with Git having a full 5 years on the street now, there is a growing desire to address the maturing users of this innovative DVCS. This workshop will take existing Git users and bring them to a heightened level of productivity by leveraging Git’s powerful, yet underused “advanced” features.

Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Interactive rebasing with both the traditional squash, reword and edit, in addition to the new fixup and autosquash.
  • Understanding the modes of git reset and how it affects, preserves, or destructs the history, index, and working directory.
  • Searching through history with string, combination, and pickaxe approaches.
  • Diffing changes past refactorings.
  • Finding the original author of methods in refactored and relocated code.
  • Administratively shaping history with git filter-branch at milestones or after a Subversion import.
  • Minimizing repetitive merge efforts with rerere.
  • Controlling pull and push behavior with advanced configuration options.
  • Manually editing the refspec and git config files.
  • Pushing to and pulling from multiple destinations.
  • Tag signing, tag merging, and signed tag business scenarios.
  • Adding Git notes and their effective namespace use.
  • Relocating chunks of work with rebase onto
  • Leveraging several other cutting-edge Git 1.8 features.

Normally this is a $150-$200 course, however, you can join this session for free with admission to TXLF 2013. So register now!

This session will occure Friday Morning May 31 at the AT&T Conference Center in Austin, TX.


if i am only near the place or the venue i will definitely attend this activity considering that normally this is a $150-$200 course, and now the said session is free admission. just hoping that this could also be facilitated through online webinar?

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