Canonical's platform team leads the Ubuntu project and brings together the passion and genius of the open-source community. Released every six months, each new edition of Ubuntu is better than the last, harnessing new technologies to make it quicker, easier and more intuitive than ever.

Open-source software brings rich opportunities to business users. By providing custom engineering, support contracts and training, Canonical helps organisations around the world maximise their potential for reducing costs, improving efficiency and enhancing security with Ubuntu.

Canonical works with hardware manufacturers like HP, Dell and Intel so Ubuntu can be delivered on the world's most popular devices. By working closely with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) Canonical ensures that Ubuntu offers a premium user experience that takes full advantage of hardware functions.

Ubuntu One is a Canonical product that transforms computing by mobilising your digital life. Ubuntu One gives users an easy way to store and synchronise their files, music, contacts and bookmarks across multiple machines. With Ubuntu One, your desktop goes where you go.

Open-source software relies on collaboration. That's why Canonical supports the development of tools that assist collaborative working, like Launchpad, Bazaar and Upstart.

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