About TXLF

The Texas Linux Festival (“TXLF”) is sponsored by the Linux Expo of Southern California Inc.

TXLF's mission is to provide educational opportunities on the topic of Open Source software. Open Source software is any software that meets the litmus test of the OSI (Open Source Initiative). Examples of OSS are GNU/Linux and the various BSD operating systems, and applications such as LibreOffice and Firefox.

Our target audiences are both current and potential users of OSS*. Those users can be individual computer users, educational institutions, or businesses.

The Expo's educational focus is composed of (but not limited to) technical seminars and booths where, among other things, both commercial software and hardware vendors, and local non-profit groups (for example, Linux Users Groups), participate in product display, and software demonstrations and tutorials, respectively.

We are vendor and distribution neutral in our outreach efforts.

About This Website

Web hosting and email for TXLF is provided by Rackspace. This website should be viewable with any browser. If you have any questions or problems, please let us know.

The History of TXLF

Originally the core team consisted primarily of SCALE members, although some were native Texans. Surprisingly the first TXLF was planned in record time and went very well, boasting attendance over 350 paying attendees. Since then, the core team has primarily shifted to native Texans with a variety of backgrounds and interests.

When we first started TXLF, we all became involved because there weren’t many regional open-source events in general. We wanted to have a place where the community could meet, learn, and network once a year, but we were putting on the event as much for ourselves as we were for the community. We wanted to bring open-source projects and developers to our town, rather than travel a few states over once a year. As we all know just reaching the state-line is quite a distance in Texas.

Every team member has their own motivation for participating in TXLF, but the general theme is that it’s a labor of love. We all genuinely enjoy working on the event. It’s how we give back to the community. Beyond the core team we generally have another ~20 volunteers who join us in the days leading up to TXLF and during the event. Many of them have become volunteers because of how much they enjoyed TXLF in previous years, and some have even become core team members.

The desire to help build community is still at the very core at TXLF and has shaped the event into what it is today. We’ve grown, and while few of the organizers actually get to attend the presentations due to being busy running the Expo, we are still eager to bring educational opportunities to our fellow community members, as well as to provide outreach to potential community members who have never used Linux or FOSS (Free and Open Source Software).

* Yes, we know that includes every person on the planet...